“What the fuck is in all of those cars?”

A simple question that, while shouted DIRECTLY INTO MY EAR, DANIEL,  is one I’ve found myself shouting into my own in ear in my mind. My mind’s ear.

So what does a typical train carry? What the HELL is in all of those cars? When is it going to end? I should have swung around the gates when I could have. Shit.

So here’s the breakdown of what the fuck is taking so long according to the American Association of Railroads:

  • 44%   Coal
  • 10%   Chemicals & allied products
  • 8.6%  Farm Products¹
  • 6.6%  Non-Metallic Minerals
  • 5.9%  Misc. mixed shipments
  • 5.9%  Food & kindred products²
  • 3.9%  Metallic Ores
  • 2.4%  Metals & products
  • 2.3%  Waste & scrap materials
  • 2.3%  Petroleum & coke³
  • 2.2%  Stone, clay & glass products
  • 1.7%  Pulp, paper & allied products
  • 1.3%  Lumber & wood products
  • 1.2% Motor vehicles & equipmunk
  • 1.7% All other commodities†
  • A statistically insignificant amount of harmonicas, handkerchief bundles tied to sticks, and hobo bones.
¹ I would assume stuff that is gingham printed, corn husk dolls, and uhhhh I dunno, let’s say ‘foot powder’.

² Food, and food’s extended family.

³ It’s likely that ‘coke’ is simply a Petroleum industry term for ‘cocaine’, not Coca-Cola like YOU were thinking.

 Made ya’ look.

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