Since the start of the blog a few weeks ago, I have received a number of questions from readers. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. Some were great and some should have been submitted to google rather than to my contact form.

Then came Sam B. – Sam sent a question that is just begging to be answered. So here it is, in the first installment of ‘You guys answer each other’s questions because I have shit to do’. I won’t be able to illustrate these, opting instead to  scribble something horrible on whatever piece of paper is within reach at the time.

Sam has just turned forty – “not that we care” –  and I’m sure is having a midlife crisis. This has lead him to question life, his purpose on earth, his knees that never creaked before but now sound like someone digging through a bag of Doritos every time he stands up,  and this gem:

Hi –

I just turned forty – not that you care – but it made me think: how far have I traveled since I was born? I can figure out how far the Earth has moved around the sun, but that’s basically going around in a circle. What I want to know is how far has our galaxy traveled through space? Essentially, If I were to make a grid and mark where the Earth was in the Universe on the day I was born, and where it is now, how much distance would that be?

So yeah, weird things happen to your brain when you turn 40.

Thanks for any help,


How is that for a question? I fucking love this guy! I know for a fact that some incredibly smart people read this blog. This should be calculable, and I can’t wait to see it. Let’s help Sam not feel so bad for never backpacking through Europe like he always wanted to.

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