My project manager has a head chock full of the curliest hair this side of Kenny G. So what, aside from the obvious lack of overall manliness, causes hair to be straight or curly?

It turns out, it has nothing to do with the hair itself, but rather the hair follicle.

“This tiny structure guides the hair fiber up a sort of tube as it grows. The inside of the tube determines if the hair is curly or straight ā€” ovals produce curly hair and circular tubes yield straight hair.”

It’s like a Play-Do machine. Pushing ‘hair material’ through a certain type of hole produces certain characteristics due to the cross-section the hair is given. My hair tubes produce a nice,Ā normal, spaghetti shaped hair – his tubes on the other hand produce some sort of linguine. Or elbow macaroni.

That alone might not be the only factor – the shape of the tube that the hair follows from the follicle to get to I’m guessing the sun, could also be a straight shot, or a curvy meandering path. Shaping the hair much like a curling iron would.

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